CSTI outreach program focuses on connecting the community, both locally and internationally, to the scientific efforts of CSTI. This program brings our dedicated team of scientists to various universities, institutes and public forums to speak about our exciting advancements in stem cell based therapies for cancers. We hope to inform and instill interest in students, educators, and professionals in regards to the burgeoning field of stem cells and their promise for oncological breakthroughs.

Museum of Science Health Fair 2017

The team at CSTI participated in ‘Brain works’ as part of the Awareness Week at the Museum of Science in Boston and displayed our cutting edge research to students. The students were able to learn more about brain tumors and participate in exciting activities such as brain tumor surgery simulator.

Phillips Exeter Symposium 2017

Since its inception in 2014, this two day symposium has been an educational endeavor with the Phillips Exeter Academy. The students are given an opportunity to learn about the scientific research carried out here at CSTI. As part of this program the students also visit the lab on campus and get an insight into a day in the life of a researcher.


For information contact Madoka Morris at mmorris19@bwh.harvard.edu or 857-307-5215.